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The twelve students who joined the Cabell County Youth PRIDE Program attended the international PRIDE youth drug prevention conference in Cincinnati, OH on April 2nd-5th.

Students were able to participate in educational workshops and listen to some of the nation's best motivational speakers. They also performed their educational dance piece for the PRIDE talent show and really did an outstanding job!

Those members of Cabell PRIDE also were given the opportunity to travel to three schools and open up for motivational speaker, Milton Creagh. Mr. Creagh is an inspiring person who has spoken to more students in the US than any other speaker. He is also a partner with the national PRIDE youth programs and delivers truthful and heartfelt messages about the consequences of substance use. It was an honor to be a part of his presentations.

HHAHuntington's Day of HOPE Celebration

Eight of our ORC and PRIDE students were honored by being asked to participate in what was proclaimed "Hope Day" in Huntington on May 17. It was the third annual Memorial Eucharist for Victims of Violent Crime which remembered and honored victims of violent crimes including the four Huntington teens who lost their lives in a brutal shooting.

The names of Megan Poston, Michael Dillon, Eddrick Clark and Donte Ward, along with other victims, were read aloud by our youth during the ceremony and it meant a lot for our students to be apart of it.

It was a glorious opportunity for the youth of Huntington to stand and assert that they still have hope and believe in a bright future.

Along with local ministers and other interpretive dance groups, our students appropriately performed their song "I Believe" which is a message of believing, hope, and perseverance. Rev. Bishop John Martin said, "There is a point of contact with the past, but what is important is looking toward the future with hope" and I believe our students helped portray that message.


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