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The Huntington Housing Authority provides residents living in Public Housing developments with a choice of rent. Huntington Housing Authority prides itself on quick and courteous lease-up in public housing developments.
All Huntington Housing Authority public housing units have a stove/oven and refrigerator furnished. If, in the event that your refrigerator or stove break down (normal wear and tear), the Huntington Housing Authority will provide on-site maintenance repair.
Family-centered atmosphere, safety and security in Public Housing are important to the Huntington Housing Authority.  Full-time, WV licensed, Social Workers are available to provide family or individual supportive services. HHA public housing developments also have security cameras or security systems, fire alarms linked direct to the Huntington Fire Department, year-round pest extermination service, playgrounds (available at all family developments), and Resident Councils. Public Housing offers residents on-site laundry facilities, vending machines, and parking. Cable options are available at high-rise senior buildings also.
The Huntington Housing Authority will provide each family residing in public housing family rent options. Annually, families elect whether rent will be paid: (a) Based on family's adjusted income, which equals 30 percent annual gross income plus family deductions, or (b) based on Flat Rent of the rental value of that particular unit (amount indicated below) as determined by the Huntington Housing Authority.
After applicants have applied for public housing, completed the Huntington West Virginia Housing Authority's orientation, the following rules and regulations will be required of each public housing resident:
Proper method of disposing regular trash and garbage: procedures for removal of large items removed and trash day for my public housing unit. A maintenance charge of five-dollars will be collected for each bag of trash removed from a dwelling on trash collection day. 

Families are responsible to report all changes concerning income or household within 10 days.

The parking sticker and registration: 
The HHA has a parking policy.  Each vehicle must be registered with the State of West Virginia to obtain a parking permit and to park in the public housing development parking lot.
Vacating the unit: 
Within the first year, charges apply for paint, cleaning, and other damages beyond normal wear and tear.
Utility bills (which includes general usage): 
Utility expenses must be reported monthly, and verification(s) submitted in person before a resident is eligible for utility allowance check, if applicable. Failure to provide HHA with verification will result in a resident's utility check being voided and/or returned to the Housing Authority. 
Visiting pets of any kind are not permitted.
Commitment to provide safe and attractive community is expected and appreciated. The appearance of window dressing and outside curb appeal is vital for the enhancement of the neighborhood. Windows must be free from furniture, blankets, etc. 
Notice to vacate must be given at least 15 days in advance, exit inspection scheduled, and all keys and parking permit turned-in.

The Huntington Housing Authority adopted the following

HIGH-RISE EFFICIENCY UNITS (129 units available) 
Fairfield Towers (50 units) = 275 dollars
Riverview East (1 unit) = 275 dollars
Madison Manor (25 units) = 275 dollars

ONE BEDROOM UNITS (441 units available) 
Washington Square (37 units) = 280 dollars 
Northcott Court (59 units) = 280 dollars
Marcum Terrace (108 units) = 280 dollars
Fairfield Towers (50 units) = 348 dollars
Riverview East (49 units) = 376 dollars
Madison Manor (42 units) = 310 dollars
WK Elliot Garden (30 units) = 300 dollars
TrowBridge (84 units) = 335 dollars

TWO BEDROOM UNITS (245 units available) 
Washington Square (32 units) = 348 dollars
Northcott Court (52 units) = 348 dollars
Marcum Terrace (122 units) = 308 dollars
Riverview East (10 units) = 420 dollars
Madison Manor (8 units) = 420 dollars
WK Elliot Garden (26 units) = 392 dollars
TrowBridge (1 units) = 420 dollars

THREE BEDROOM UNITS (117 units available) 
Doulton Avenue (2 units) = 475 dollars
Washington Square (10 units) = 364 dollars
Northcott Court (15 units) = 364 dollars
Marcum Terrace (50 units) = 336 dollars
WK Elliot Garden (10 units) = 420 dollars
Carter G. Woodson Apartments (20 units) = 392 dollars
Acquisition Homes (12 units) = 555 dollars

FOUR BEDROOM UNITS (2 units available) 
Acquisition Homes (2 units) = 495 dollars

Doulton Avenue Acquisition Housing
(Above) Doulton Avenue.

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