The Huntington West Virginia Housing Authority


Larry Ellis serves as Director of Development and is responsible for the maintenance, modernization and development activities of the agency.


Terry Henry supervises our regular maintenance department staff in the day to day operations of the agency, including grounds keeping cleaning and painting empty apartments and repair work.

A new system to inspect apartments has been developed by HUD to which our maintenance staff had their first year's experience in the performance of and recording of their findings of the annual inspections.

Modernization - Comprehensive Grant/Capital Fund Program
Michael Powers heads our Force Account Crew, consisting of an electrician, a Plumber, several mechanics and casual laborers.


1. Conversion of units at our Fairfield Tower, Madison Manor and Riverview East high-rise (Complete with new cabinets, carpet, ranges and refrigerators)

2. Construction of a new duplex on Doulton Avenue (1709)

3. Renovation of Johnston Elementary School Building into HHA Administrative Offices.

4. New Development – look for new one to three bedroom homes to be constructed throughout scattered sites in Cabell County in the coming years. We hope to recapture some of our housing stock that will inevitably be lost due to the conversion of units at three of our four high rises.

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