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The Huntington West Virginia Housing Authority is proud to be able to provide it's customers with information about our organization via this web page. We are very concerned about providing accurate and timely information and services to individuals and families that are interested in our affordable housing programs. This authority cares deeply about the living conditions of our customers and is committed to providing affordable housing and self-sufficiency programming that will improve the quality of life of our customers.

We are an equal opportunity agency and strive to render our services without bias or preferences. Our housing programs meet the needs of over 5,000 individuals and families and we continue to expand our service base in order to meet the needs of additional needy families waiting for housing assistance. We have 907 apartments and houses that we own that are available for lease and another 1512 units available through a subsidized rental program. We have self-sufficiency programs to assist families and elderly and we have employment and training programs to assist families to enter the world of work. We have services that enable seniors to remain in their own homes and we have recreational programs that make all families lives more enjoyable. We care about the "bricks and mortar" of the physical environment of our communities, striving to make each neighborhood clean, safe and appealing. Most important are the people who live in our communities. We want our resources to improve lives. The information on this web page will allow you to access our programs and services. We look forward to working with you.

Annual Plan 2016 - Draft - Version 1 for download.

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